Cereal Kendama - Transform - The Pink

  • $29.99

We took a survey on what color you'd like to see next, and the answer was pink so here we are. Pink contrasts beautifully with the white base of transform and it is a color never made before by the team.

This kendama features:

- CREAL 1.5 Shape
- The Final Bevel
- Maple Ken
- 61mm Beech Tama
- CREAL Stick Paint
- Base Cup Balance Hole
- "Transform" Stripe/Scope Design
- 2 x 12 Finger String
- 1 x Spinner Bead


More About Transform:

"Transform" has always been about change. The first series launched when 2 of the founding members of Cereal Kendama parted ways to pursue other journeys, while the second marked an attempted revival of the Singapore kendama scene.

Transform 3.0 marks a turning point for Cereal Kendama in having a modern day shape, bevel and overall kendama at an affordable price. It sets the stage for all our future designs.