Active ELITE - Tiberiu Terteleac Pro Model - Maple with Sweets Cushion Clear

  • $44.99

Tiberiu Terteleac is Active Kendama PRO.

#tiblexmod is a complete maple wood kendama featuring the new Elite shape, co-designed by Tiblex and other Active pros.

The tacky painted tama is symbolic and is designed to ensure proper tracking. It accentuates around 4 colors of 70/30 splits.

Green color circling around the bevel expresses nature - Tiblex's favorite place to jam. The red to fade orange are his favorite colors. Blue embraced as the color of water, inspired by his love of competitive swimming for 9 years. Yellow dot on the upgraded string hole embodies sun, joy and positivity.

The big cup is engraved with 18 to represent the day he was born, with the name "tiblex" across the serado, and "TAP" is burned on the base cup to mark his favorite trick.  Coincidentally,  the number 18 also marked Tiblex's historic landing trick of 18 taps.  

Active Elite maple tama on Cushion Clear paint by Sweets Kendamas

The new Elite v4 shape features:

  • Wider sarado for smoother gunslingers
  • Larger cups allows insane contact to lunars and lighthouses
  • Defined ridges make for better grip on stall tricks
  • Slimmer sword (Ken) and less spacing on the hilt gives handling of kenflips with comfort
  • Elite bevel – wide enough for stalls without being too loose
  • Wider tama string hole and spinner (bearing) bead – NEVER get a tangle ever again
  • 6-Finger string (58cm) gives you the flexibility to adjust to your playing comfort zone.
  • This kendama is standard size - good to play for pleasure and also qualified for competition legal kendama

Every Active Elite kendama comes with extra string bag that includes extra 58cm string, extra bearing bead, string tool, and Active sticker.