Active Spark - Vinewhip - Sweets Cushion Clear

Active Spark - Vinewhip - Sweets Cushion Clear

  • $60.00

Spark Vinewhip Cushion Clear

In the summer of 2019, we released two tama designs inpired by Pokemon Pikachu and Bulbasaur, and introduced to you the Thunderbolt and Vinewhip.
These models quickly becoming kendamas players favorites.
We're excited to bring the #vinewhip to our newest Spark shape.
Coated on the always super tacky paint, the beech wood tama, now at 61mm diameter size to complement the Spark ken, features split of 70% top with tracking stripe circling the center on the bluish green and 30% darker teal near the bevel.
New to the Spark Vinewhip, the ken is made of durable maple wood, and with the hollowcore that will not only keep you slapping lunars for days but all other tricks.
  • Active Spark Shape maple ken
  • 60.5 mm beech wood tama with Sweets Cushion Clear
  • Hollowcore Basecup
  • 12 fingers green string with bearing bead
  • Box include extra string/spinner bead, string tool, Active sticker



We are proud to finally introduce you to the new Spark Shape. With the hard work from designing and testing, the result is absolutely awesome.

With a modern feel, the cups and stalls are significantly bigger.
Unlike the V4 Elite shape, we gave the ken a wider form while keeping it slimmer at the intersection of the sword with the sarado. That allows you to have good grip on the ken and enjoy easier slingers at the same time.

The unique feature of the Spark Shape: The hollow core design. As you may know, balance hole makes kendamas better for lunars by reducing weight from the basecup. The problem with having the basecup hole at the surface will reduce the momentum of the ken when doing kenflips, taps and slingers, not to mention difficulty for any finger tricks. With the hollow core design, we drilled a bigger balance hole, and covered the surface while leaving an empty space inside the ken. This gives you an all-around ken shape for all players.