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Not So Mystery Mystery Box

Not So Mystery Mystery Box

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Mystery kendamas bundled with ken-only

Whenever we have a new release, we want to make sure we put the best setup and reasonable playing weighted kendamas on your hands. You never saw our kendamas exceed 90g if you have ordered from us.

In doing so, we ended up with a big box of kendamas weighing over 90g. For those of you who prefer heavier weight tamas and kens, this is the perfect cop for you. 

All are fresh A-grade and weight match to within 5 grams.

Each mystery box complete set-up kendama will be bundled with a mystery fresh Shinaji shape ken-only in beech, maple, or bamboo ken only (79-88g), or hickory (90-100g)

Included in the box:
1 complete mystery kendama
1 ken-only (Beech, Bamboo, Maple, or Hickory)
1 Extra string bag

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