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Shinaji - Tiblex Pro Model 3.0

Shinaji - Tiblex Pro Model 3.0

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Tiblex Pro Model 3.0

The new Tiblex Mod 3.0 design is inspired by Tiblex's love of abstract art. The tama covers 70% of an abstract art combination of his favorite colors of red, black and yellow, with stripes of cream color encircling the bottom, and a top yellow dot, rounding out with green around the bevel for added tracking point. The big cup artwork includes a seal (Tiblex favorite animal) balancing a Rubik's Cube (another of Tiblex's hobby). The original TIBLEX logo from Tiblexmod 1.0 and 2.0 remains across the serado, with the number 18 (his birthday) moving to the back of the basecup.

New on the Tiblexmod 3.0 is the Rubber Coated paint around all the edges of the cups, handlestall, ringstall, and spike for extra durability.




  • SHINAJI shape
  • Maple wood
  • Hollowcore basecup
    • EngravingTiblex logo
    • "18" logo
    • Seal with bouncing Rubik's Cube in big cup
  • NEW: Rubber paint on all cup edges, handlestall, and ringstall for durability


  • 61.5mm
  • Beech wood
  • Tacky clear or Cushion clear
  • 23.5mm bevel
  • Metal Bearing Bead

Rubik's Cube Bundle Option

Rubik's Cube is another of Tiblex favorite hobby, and we're happy to provide a bundle option with his pro model.   We picked the Yu Xin 3x3x3 Magnetic Cube due to its durability and is tested and a favorite among our players.

Yu Xin 3x3x3 Magic Cube Upgraded Version R.2.2

  • 55.7x55.7x55.7mm
  • Glossy six-color of professional loved colors texture - reduce scratches and long life
  • Elasticity adjustment - Free tightness, Free adjustment of elasticity as you like
  • Large rounded design - reduce frictional resistance and spinning
  • Moderate weight, light without losing texture (78g mainstream weight)

Box packaging includes extra string, extra bearing bead, string tool, stickers

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