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Active Kendama

Colossal - Tiger Mod

Colossal - Tiger Mod

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Colossal Tiger 

For the first time, we're introducing the XXL size kendama, the Active Colossal, with the Tiger tama design in celebrating the Year of the Tiger 2022.

Features the tiger standard orange and black stripes, with fearless tiger head at the peak, and black and white tracking stripes around the bevel. 

Made of solid beech wood, measuring at 319mm (12.5inches) tall and 133mm (5.3inches) wide, weighing at 2.15 LBS.  

WARNING: This is not a standard size kendama, play at your own risk.  Please play responsibly! Active Kendama is not responsible for any bodily injury or damages to any property related or caused by the Colossal Kendama.

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