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Li Ho Cheung Legend Model - Shinaji Shape

Li Ho Cheung Legend Model - Shinaji Shape

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Li Ho Cheung is Active Legend!

With over 14 years of kendama experience, Li Ho Cheung's resume consists of countless first place finishes in competition.  He was also a Kendama World Cup finalist in three consecutive years (2014-2016). As a pioneer of kendamas in Hong Kong, LiHo continues to teach kendamas both in-person and online to all ages, and is spreading kendama loves throughout the world. Deservedly of the legend title, we're honored to have LiHo as our first Active Legend, and excited to introduce the all new LiHo Legend Mod.

Li Ho Cheung legend model is a full maple kendama designed on the Shinaji shape. The design is inspired by the Pokemon character Togepi. LiHo believes that Togepi is the happiest and full of joy out of all the Pokemon characters, and it is the same with playing kendamas, it is all about having fun.

SHINAJI shape maple ken
62mm maple tama with option of rubber or tacky coated paint
10-finger red string with bearing bead (extra alternate blue string and bearing bead)
Large basecup hole

Every kendama comes with extra string pack including alternate blue string, bearing bead, string tool, and stickers. 

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