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Active Kendama

Shinaji 2.0 - Beech Waldo Peach Blue - Poly Clear

Shinaji 2.0 - Beech Waldo Peach Blue - Poly Clear

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Shinaji 2.0 - Beech Waldo Peach Blue - Antiskid Rubber Poly Clear

Introducing Active starter and fan favorite Waldo series on our Shinaji 2.0 shape with two brand new colorways. Beech Tan Green or Peach Blue waldo, available in both Active Poly clear or the Antiskid Rubber clear. Color all 4.


New SHINAJI 2.0 shape
Beech Ken
Hollowcore basecup
62mm beech wood tama Antiskid Rubber Poly clear
23mm bevel
70cm string with bead
Box include extra string, bead, and string tool

About Poly Clear

A new clear coat tested by the Active pros and exclusively formulated and mass produced by factory for Active Kendama.
This clear takes that sticky clear you all know and love and ramps it up ten fold. Improving its durability, this clear can take a beating while still maintaining the same level of play as if it were just taken out of the box. The slip/grip ratio is another thing we wanted to focus on. Regular sticky plays great but loses its feel after a few seshes. With Poly Clear, the tackiness is not something you’d have to worry about fading away. Simply use a baby wipe to remove and dust that may have stuck to the surface and your tama will play like new.

About Antiskid Rubber clear

New factory developed paint that is water-based Antiskid-U (matte) that is more environmentally friendly and non-slip.


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