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Shinaji - Tiblex Pro Model

Shinaji - Tiblex Pro Model

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Terteleac Tiberiu Pro Model, aka #tiblexmod on the new Shinaji shape.

Featuring the same exclusive hollowcore design maple wood ken. With engravings of TIBLEX on the serado, and 18 on the big cup representing his birthday. "TAP" engraving around the hollow core balance hole signifying Tiblex's favorite trick.

Made of maple wood, the tama design is a 70/30 split with tracking featuring a vibrant red and orange fade on top follows with a black stripe, and a 30% solid buttercream surface on the bevel. Top off with a yellow tracking dot on the enhanced string hole.

SHINAJI shape maple ken
61mm maple tama tacky paint
10-finger string with bearing bead
Hollowcore basecup

Every kendama comes with extra string pack including string, bead, string tool, and stickers. 

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